Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack......bitches! Contest time!

Just got my new computer last night and my Internet hookup today. *Sigh, looks around* It's good to be back, but shit this place is a mess. *picks up cup of coffee* Bleh! And the coffee is stale! Not good. Must clean up and brew some fresh coffee.

It's so fantastic to be back just in time for the premier of Eclipse this week. I can finally get back into the buzz of things in the Twi-blogosphere just in time for the collective orgasm that will be felt around the world this week.

My life is all about fresh starts right now. In that spirit, I feel it's important to have a complete redesign done on my little corner of the bloggy world. I want a new header, fresh curtains, new carpet, everything. Hmmm...I feel a little contest coming on. Any takers?

Sorry, there's no prize for second place.
Love you long time,