Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack......bitches! Contest time!

Just got my new computer last night and my Internet hookup today. *Sigh, looks around* It's good to be back, but shit this place is a mess. *picks up cup of coffee* Bleh! And the coffee is stale! Not good. Must clean up and brew some fresh coffee.

It's so fantastic to be back just in time for the premier of Eclipse this week. I can finally get back into the buzz of things in the Twi-blogosphere just in time for the collective orgasm that will be felt around the world this week.

My life is all about fresh starts right now. In that spirit, I feel it's important to have a complete redesign done on my little corner of the bloggy world. I want a new header, fresh curtains, new carpet, everything. Hmmm...I feel a little contest coming on. Any takers?

Sorry, there's no prize for second place.
Love you long time,


  1. YaaaaaaaaaY! Welcome back! I don't have any skills, but I will make you a delicious coffee drink as a housewarming present! Mwah!

  2. So good to have you back Coffee! And just in time for Eclipse too. As far as your layout and such, I wouldn' be a good help. I'm lucky my own blog hasn't exploded! But blogger made it easier to design your blog with all new templates and backgrounds and layout options. I started a second blog last night and it was really easy to use and there are soooooo many background options.

  3. Welcome back!!!! If you are looking for awesome banners, buttons, ets...try hitting up MissAmyJoon. She's done a lot for so many of us. I can't help you unless you want a poorly photoshopped photo with some words written on it. LOL! But like LWE said, Blogger has some great new templates BUILT IN, so try them out too!

  4. OY! Glad to have your bitchass back in the 21st century! Speaking as a complete technotard, new blogger does have some cool stuff that's easy to use. I wish I was creative and savvy...


  5. Yay! welcomes back! I have no real technical skillz to offer. I do like coffee, though. Sooooo I'll just sit here and drink a cup and wait to see how things turn out.

    I will also be running a campaign coming up regarding Kellan and I would like your support. I'll email you when I get that going.

  6. @MB - Just commented on Thirsty Thursday. OMG - YUM! Wish I had the ingredients for that RIGHT NOW!

    @LWE - Do give me the link to your new blog. Would love to see it!

    @Mrs.P - I've tried playing around with the new templates and it's not working for me so far. :-( Maybe I'm just too technically challenged.

    @E - Bitch!

    @TT - You totally have my support, especially if it's regarding Kellan. I like that title..."Regarding Kellan". *sigh*

  7. @Coffee: It's nothing real special yet. I only have one post up, but should really start getting into it later this month.

  8. Fine! Lazy bee-otches. I give the 1st place award to ME. Even though all I did was apply one of the new backgrounds.



  9. Well then I think I should be the winner since I was the first person to tell you to do that. LOL