Monday, March 21, 2011

You like me...?

Well, someone does!! It's TwitardedMom at SpooningInForks and she's one lovely bloggy bee-otch for including me in her One Lovely Blog Award. Muah!

To accept this award one must follow the rules. (As if anyone would turn down such a presigious award)
1. Thank the person that gave it to you and link it back to their blog. See above.
2. Post 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 15 other blogs.

7 Random Facts About TooMuchCoffee
1. During high school I went to both Jamaica and Honduras as a volunteer on youth mission trips.
2. I left my heart in Kentucky.
3. I was certified as a volunteer firefighter.
4. I was also a search and rescue volunteer for five years.
5. I volunteered in animal therapy at a local hospital with my dog for two years.
6. I'm done volunteering. Now I only do it if I get PAID! Bee-otch!
7. My middle name was chosen after a popular 70's singing duo. (Thanks, Mom! :-p )

TooMuchCoffee's Favorite 15 (in random order)
(Trying to include at least a few who may not have received this award yet.)
SleepTalkin'Man - That's some funny stuff right there. Good for a laugh a day at least.
A Year of Slow Cooking - Yummy stuff. As a busy single mom, I freakin LOVE my crockpot and this blog has some great recipes. I like that they have unique things as well, not just the traditional meat and potatoes.
Confessions of a Twiholic - Jelena is one of my bloggy bitches from way back. She's a true twiholic and a real sweetheart.
TakeSomeE - She doesn't send me flowers anymore, :-( but she'll always be one of my bloggy bitches.
LivingWithEdward - Good wholesome entertainment. One of the nicest bloggy bitches you'll ever meet, too.
Twilight Moms - I have to give credit to the site that got me started into the whole TwiBlogosphere and showed me that as an over 30 mom out of her mind over Twilight - I was not alone.
Walk with Mrs.P - This lady is one of my originals. A true bloggy mentor and I will always follow in her high-heeled thigh boot steps.
TongueTwied - Another of my way back bloggy bitches. She's insane over Robward and she owns it.

Ugh...only 8 so far? I've been out of it for too long. I need to find some more bloggy friends who haven't already received this award. I promise I'll add to this list until I have at least 15.