Monday, March 21, 2011

You like me...?

Well, someone does!! It's TwitardedMom at SpooningInForks and she's one lovely bloggy bee-otch for including me in her One Lovely Blog Award. Muah!

To accept this award one must follow the rules. (As if anyone would turn down such a presigious award)
1. Thank the person that gave it to you and link it back to their blog. See above.
2. Post 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 15 other blogs.

7 Random Facts About TooMuchCoffee
1. During high school I went to both Jamaica and Honduras as a volunteer on youth mission trips.
2. I left my heart in Kentucky.
3. I was certified as a volunteer firefighter.
4. I was also a search and rescue volunteer for five years.
5. I volunteered in animal therapy at a local hospital with my dog for two years.
6. I'm done volunteering. Now I only do it if I get PAID! Bee-otch!
7. My middle name was chosen after a popular 70's singing duo. (Thanks, Mom! :-p )

TooMuchCoffee's Favorite 15 (in random order)
(Trying to include at least a few who may not have received this award yet.)
SleepTalkin'Man - That's some funny stuff right there. Good for a laugh a day at least.
A Year of Slow Cooking - Yummy stuff. As a busy single mom, I freakin LOVE my crockpot and this blog has some great recipes. I like that they have unique things as well, not just the traditional meat and potatoes.
Confessions of a Twiholic - Jelena is one of my bloggy bitches from way back. She's a true twiholic and a real sweetheart.
TakeSomeE - She doesn't send me flowers anymore, :-( but she'll always be one of my bloggy bitches.
LivingWithEdward - Good wholesome entertainment. One of the nicest bloggy bitches you'll ever meet, too.
Twilight Moms - I have to give credit to the site that got me started into the whole TwiBlogosphere and showed me that as an over 30 mom out of her mind over Twilight - I was not alone.
Walk with Mrs.P - This lady is one of my originals. A true bloggy mentor and I will always follow in her high-heeled thigh boot steps.
TongueTwied - Another of my way back bloggy bitches. She's insane over Robward and she owns it.

Ugh...only 8 so far? I've been out of it for too long. I need to find some more bloggy friends who haven't already received this award. I promise I'll add to this list until I have at least 15.


  1. We must have crossed streams...but apparently we were on each others minds! :)

    I would send u flowers everyday if flowers weren't so fucking expensive! Gawd, they're almost as expensive as gas around here.

    Still nothin' but gooey love from here.

  2. Your middle name is 'Peaches and Herb'???? That must be confusing when you have to use just your middle initial on paperwork. Do you go with P or H or P&H?

    Okay I'm guessing you mom went with one word.

    Nice to hear from ya!

  3. OK, well it's...


    Yeah, Mom spelled it wrong, too. She just HAD to be different.

    My first name involved a 70's celebrity, too. Mom saw in People magazine that Diana Ross named her daughter Tracee.