Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mrs. P Goes to Olympia, WA

Recently, one of my favorite bloggy bitches, Mrs. P at TwiBite, started a little ditty called "Put Mrs.P on the Map". It has been SO much fun seeing all of her worldly travels and I've been patiently waiting for her to make her way out to the Pacific NW. Finally, this weekend Mrs. P stopped in and she went with my daughter and I to Olympia.  Here is a photo journal of our day:

Our first stop was at the World War I memorial which welcomes visitors to the Capitol Campus. "Hey, 1918! That's the year Edward was born as a vampire!" (Leave it to Mrs. P to find a Twilight connection.)
The sun was out most of the day today, really it was. Of course when we wanted to take nice pictures to show our friends around the world, it looks like a typical overcast Northwest day. And, honestly, our capitol building has seen better times. But Mrs. P pressed on and stomped up the steps in her signature black boots. She was muttering something about lobbying for a "Twilight in Washington" statewide day of worship and setting aside funds to commission a statue of Robert Pattinson and having it erected in the heart of Forks. I like both ideas, but I guess Governor Gregoire hasn't responded to Mrs. P's emails yet.

"It's closed...? WTF?!"
"I guess we spent too much time watching the New Moon DVD today."
"Well, if YOU hadn't kept pausing it on Jacob's abs...!"
"Yeah, if YOU didn't replay the moaning kiss scene 20 times...!"

I thought it might soothe Mrs. P if she had a dance with the daffodils.

But there was no change in her expression.

OK, how about taking in the beautiful view of Capitol Lake and Puget Sound?
"Look! There are the Olympic Mountains in the distance! Forks is just on the other side and you'll be there in a few short months, Mrs. P!"
This cheered her up so on we went to do some shopping.

Our next stop was to sample a little of the local flavor.
"Mrs. P, are you sure you want 4 shots in that?"
"Yes," she replied, "I like my coffee how I like my men: rich with a strong bite and keeping me up all night!"
Okaaaay, can't argue with that.
(Did anyone notice yet how I thoughtfully laminated Mrs. P? I wanted to be prepared for our usual rainy weather. Well, we didn't have it but there was a close call with my daughter's hot cocoa, so I'm glad we played it safe.)

 Our favorite of the day was a posh little boutique called "Sweet Life". While my daughter wandered the store modeling accessories and practicing how to spend my money, Mrs. P found a cushy pink settee in the back to kick up her boots on. Where is Mini-E when you need him?

"Oooooh! What is that I see? A Juicy bag for me?"

While we couldn't find a new pair of boots for Mrs. P to try on, in another shop we found this little number.

I had a blast and hope you did, too, Mrs. P. I have some vacation time coming this year, so maybe we'll get together again soon.

*sigh* good times


  1. No doubt you all had a kickass time! Mrs.P is gonna need some new boots soon, because she has been making some serious tracks.

    Beautiful scenery, it makes me wish I was going to foooorrrks (I didn't capitalize cuz I'm wallowing in my misery...sigh), and I always appreciate seeing new cities. Glad the weather was good!

    This isn't the first time our Lady P. has been laminated! **snicker**


  2. Well...this was just awesesome. I LOOOOVED it. I did notice the lamination and I am sure Mrs. P was very am I! You really summed me up in one neat package...a love of Twilight, history, coffee, flowers, and cool sassy clothes. I love you...

  3. @Mrs. P - Awwww...I'm glad you liked it. *blush* Only the best for you!

    @smartEpantz - There's still time. You could still make plans for Forks...? Hey, check your email. I'm not sure if I should thank you for that fanfic suggestion or not. You've ruined me, you slut! (in a good way)

  4. @LWE - Nice. Those ruffled panties are a hot!

  5. Great post. I love the pics and you took Mrs. P on her favorite adventure.... shopping!!! LOL

  6. How fun! This must have been where Mrs P stopped before heading down to Portland to see me! ;) Great pics, and great idea w/the laminating!