Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bella has a new love interest

This spoof is just too freakin' funny not to share. I found it originally linked from David Slade's page on IMDB here.

If blogspot is cutting it off on the right side, check it out on YouTube here.

I just finished PMSL, along with my TwiGuy, Mr.Coffee. What do you all think? Doesn't Freddie look a little like that guy on Heroes?


  1. OME, that shit is hilarious, pmsl!!

  2. Ooo, I saw this earlier today. It is friggen great! I like when the guy is in the bed making fun of what Edward was saying.

  3. Mr.Coffee lost it when little freddie tried to follow Victoria across the river. lol

    I lost it at the end when he was standing next to Jacob trying to get his shirt off. LMAO

  4. it does look like the kid from Heroes...he time traveled into Twilight?

    Making fun of Edward in bed is sooo wrong! but funny! and trying to get his shirt off...oh shoot, I've got tears running down my face again over this simple shit.

    poor guy...I think edward and jake aside, Bella would choose Newton over him.

    Gem of a find!

  5. @TongueTwied: I totally thought it was Hiro from heroes too! He looks so much like him.