Monday, March 8, 2010

Must Love Dogs

I love dogs. (I'm a dog trainer, after all.) I love Twilight. (I'm an impressionable...ahem...young woman, with too much spare time, after all.) How can I bring these two loves together? I know! Write a post with some sniffable, lickable, "awww" inspiring pics of Twilight stars and their dogs. By the way, a star's value in my book is equivalent to the number of pics I found of them with their dog. Let's have a little contest, shall we?

(click to view full-size pics, but only if you think you can handle the cuteness)

The Winner & Coffee's New Alpha Dog - Kellan Lutz, by far. I found so many I had a hard time choosing which pics to include. Big bone-us points to KLutz for adopting his dogs AND promoting dog rescue. Here are a few wuvable snaps of Kellan with shepherd mix Kola & Chihuahua Kevin.


2nd Place is Rachelle Lefevre with her "Honey." Bone-us adoption points to Rachelle as well. Purse dogs can be rescues, too!

3rd Place goes to Ashley Greene and her terrier, Marlow. That is dog walking in style, sister!

Runner Up - KStew and a really cool-looking shepherd. Wish I knew its name.

Honorable Mentions - Christian Serratos and her Maltese, Bolt

Nikki Reed and her shepherd

The Who's My Bitch? Award goes to Taylor Lautner - Which dog is his anyway? They all look a little staged, if you ask me. The Chihuahua looks like somebody handed it to him and said, "OK, pretend you like dogs and smile!" The black lab mix isn't feelin' Taycob's wolfie vibe. The Yorkie looks like it's thinking, "Grrr! Come any closer and I'll bite that bulbous nose off your face!"

The Crotch Sniffer Award goes to RPattz. I'm so disappointed. This is the only pic I could find of Rob with a canine anywhere near him. This obviously is not his dog and look at his hand, tightened into a fist - clearly a defensive stance. At least he's smiling...wait...that's because the bitch has her nose buried in his crotch! First the elephant groping, now this. *hangs head in shame*

Finally, Best In Show goes to Peter Facinelli and a wet dog in the cutest damn pic I've ever seen in my dog-lovin' life!


  1. I love these pics!! I really give Kellan credit, what a wonderful way to use his Twiness to help save animals from shelters. I love animals too (when they are not destroying my home)

  2. These pics are great! The ones of Kstew almost look like Bella and Jacob in wolf form. They would be good Eclips posters! The one with Taylor and the chihuahua made me laugh. It looks like Taylor is thinking "Great, now everyone is going to think I'm gay." My favorite is definatly Peter. I love his humor. But it almost looks like he is trying to have a wet t-shirt contest with a dog. Hmmmm...Peter wins!

    Ps. Love the new look of the blog. I wish I could figure out how to cool stuff like that. haha.

  3. Awwww! First, let me say, I love what you did to the blog.

    Second, Kellan is going to be the death of me. Seriously. I'm starting to see myself fall down that rabbit hole.