Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Love Coffee - A little diddy from down under

An Australian lady I work with shared this little rhyme with me today. It's straight from down under, knickers and all...

I love coffee, coffee loves me, lets all drink until we wee
Have another cup and swizzle in your chair
Then wave your knickers round like you just don't care
(together now)
Ooooh I love coffee and coffee loves me
Oh how happy we shall be

Cute, huh? I thought so. Sometimes when the shitstorm of life gets too...well...shitty...ya just gotta have a laugh or two. It took me a minute to realize what "swizzle" means. Don't think my boss would appreciate it if I did that.

Love you long time,


  1. That's me in the cartoon only additional 1 cup in the afternoon and 1 at night.

    Yes it's a very cute poem and now I'm off to wave my knickers! LOL

  2. @TT - Nice! No wonder you're up so late blogging all the time. :-P

    Blogger is pissing me off. It keeps screwing up the text alignment. Grrrrr!!!!

  3. Sooooooo.....does swizzle mean what I THINK it means??? My aussie slang is a little rusty. :)

    Laughter is always good. Somedays, if I don't laugh, I'll slit my wrists.


  4. This is fantastic. I love the little coffee diddy. I'm WAY obsessive over my coffee and my Twilight, so we should get along well. :)