Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yes, my lovelies, I'm going through the "Big D" and I don't mean Dallas. A couple of you know what's been happening and others may have suspected since that marriage post I did a while back. I've deleted it since, but at that time I was worried and kinda knew what was coming. I'm not going to air dirty details here, but I wanted you all to at least know what's up. You've become a source of laughter, friendship & support and...well...I love you whores! There I said it!

So the reason I've been MIA from the blogosphere for a week + ? The hub-terd decided my computer belongs to him and he took it. (Fucker!) I'm not supposed to blog on my work computer and I love my job and really need it right now so I'm following that rule. I have a new BlackBerry phone, but I don't have the patience to peck out an entire blog post on that tiny ass key pad.
And haaaaaay! It's not all bad news, chicas! I finally got my work evaluation this week and my raise kicks in on May 1st! Cha-ching! I'm still losing weight, 30lbs and counting. Woot! Oh, and one more thing....just the other day, I booked my motel room in FOOOOOORRRRRKKKKKSSSSS!!!

So listen, don't bog down the comments with the "I'm sorry's", etc. Don't cry for me, Argentina! Seriously, this divorce has been overdue for a while & though it still sucks werewolf nuts, I am very relieved to be moving on. FOOOOOORRRRRKKKKKSSS is going to be a celebration of so many things! Holy shit, that little town has no idea what it's in for!

Gotta go for now, but remember: Death Before Decaf, bitches!


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  2. Since I'm not allowed to say I'm sorry, I don't know what to really say. Just know I am here for you if you neeed me.

    I was wondering where you were and thinking about you, when I wasn't seeing you around, and hoping everything is ok. I hope that you are able to bounce back and pick up all the pieces quickly from all of this.

    I will say a big congrats on the weight loss. 30 pounds is awesome!! And I wish I was going with all you lovelies to FFFOOOOORRRKKSSSS!

  3. wondering if werewolves practice the art of manscaping so as to decide just how bad it would be!

    anyway... how could i say "i'm sorry" to this? you sound more confident, bright, alert, engaged, and excited about your future than i have ever heard in the brief time i've know you! good for you! great news about the hotel room. we'll difinitely see you in FFFFOOORRRKKKSSSS!!!!!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! I've been divorced twice and it was the best thing that ever happened to me, the marriages were the mistakes. Have fun living single!

  5. I couldn't say sorry even if I wanted to cuz I know a bit about the shitstorm you are getting out of. So I'll say WOOOOOFUCKINGHOOOO!!!! instead. Mkay?

    I have been missing you round these here stompin' grounds, and am glad you're back, even if you have to use covert tactics to get here!

    Here's to change for the better! Here's to making YOURSELF happy!
    Here's to freedom!

    I can't fucking wait for that bitch!!!

    Love you hard.

  6. I will say *holds up a glass of grape juice* "Here's to the future baby! FFFOOOOORRKKKS!"

    I'm only sorry that you have no computer. :( But you are in my thoughts.

  7. So you are going to be single in FOOOORKS???? AND you are going to be THIN?????? Oh no....look out!

    Hugs nad kisses and no I'm sorries.

  8. Does posting a comment count as blogging at work? I dunno, but couldn't resist. You guys rock my Kazbah, seriously!

    @RJ - Welcome to my newest follower. Here's to you becoming hopelessly addicted to me.

    @LWE - Thanks for the support and it's nice to know you were thinking of me. *Hugs*

    @Mr. Pantz - Manscaping, fuckin-a that's funny! I think divorce would probably rank up there with sucking on a partially manscaped but stubbly werewolf sack.

    @Moxie - Thanks for the congrats! I really feel that! This is my first. Living single is going to be so much fun I can't STAND it!

    @E - Woooofuckinghooo is right! (I'll put it in all-caps once the bitch is finalized. Mkay?) What can I say, sista? You're my bitch and you know dat! I think we'll be having quite the face-hump-fest in Forks come October!

  9. When you said you had made a "decision" I didn't want to press but I was curious as to what that was.

    We only go on the journey of life once with no instruction booklet so if this is the right decision for you right now (and it sure sounds like it is!)then I'm glad you made the choice and wish you a future full of many possibilities because it sounds like a new, strong pot of coffee is A-BREWING!

  10. I'm so excited that you're coming to FFOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSS!!! I'm sure you've made the decision that was right for you, so all I'll say is that I hope it brings you peace and happiness, because that's what you deserve. MWAH!!!

    Death before decaf, indeed.

  11. Having just had my first sip of coffee a few posts ago, I'm not up to speed like the rest of the gang. So I'll just tip my mug and say good luck to you, good riddance to the hubturd, and here's to our good times in FFFOOORRRKKKSSS!!!


  12. 30 pounds?? way to go girl!! good job!

    can't wait to meet all you h00rs in FFFOOORRRKKKSSS!!!!!

  13. Well, fuck me, it's fantastic that you're going to get out of the marriage looking better than when you entered it. :D

    Missed ya babe.

  14. hey TMC. just wanted to leave you this to find sometime to let you know that you are missed and you are loved! we'll be waiting when you come back. until then i think i'm just going to help myself to whatever's in the fridge... hmmmm. cold coffee. why am i not surprised? :)