Monday, April 5, 2010

It's true - Kellan Lutz is a god!

Recently it was announced that Kellan Lutz has been cast as Poseidon, Greek God of the Sea, in upcoming flick "War of the Gods". The idea I love most about this is that costuming could be quite simple and would obviously require Kellan to remain shirtless and wet throughout the whole movie. Yes...? (Well, I know I will be at least.)

Poseidon has always been traditionally "older" but I have to say I sincerely hope they don't put a beard on him, I can't stand that much facial hair.

This is a little better...

Ohhhhh, yeaaaaaahhhh....This is what I'm talkin' bout!

Is there a way they can write it so that Poseidon is also a lusty vampire?
Cuz...F*CK...that would be haaaawwwwwt!

If us Twitards and BitePack Bitches called the shots and the studio could only cast Twilight actors/actresses alongside KLutz, what parts would you assign to whom? (Theseus - the hero, Phaedra - the oracle princess, Medusa - the snake-haired bitch, King Hyperin - the main bad dude, Stavros - master of thieves who helps Theseus, and who else? I don't know enough about Greek mythology to continue the list.)


  1. Ooooohhh, you're gonna make me think and junk...
    Let's see if I can remember my 7th grade mythology.

    I remember I had to do a report on the Greek God/Goddess of my choosing. Of course I fucking chose Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty.
    These days I would picture her as Scarlett Johansson.
    She's so money...
    Plus, she sprang forth from Zeus's head fully grown and shit! That's fuckawesome.

    So, I guess Rosalie would be Athena, but look like Scarlett.

    That's all I got. My is not smart.

  2. Unlike my pal smartE, I caved and used wikipedia to look up those long-forgotten names. :) I'm a cheater.

    I would cast Edward/Rob as Apollo, because he's supposed to be like the sun, as well as being a "handsome, beardless youth..." He's also the god of music and poetry, among other things.

    And then Alice/Ashley could be Artemis, his twin. She's the goddess of the hunt, "usually depicted as a young woman dressed in a short knee-length chiton." So she's stylish, I guess.

    I used to love this shit in school. Thanks for taking me back!!

  3. LOL @ E - "Plus, she sprang forth from Zeus's head fully grown and shit! That's fuckawesome."

    @ MB - I like that you didn't cast Rob in the obvious lead hero role. He would totes work as Apollo. And the always stylish Alice as Artemis. Nice!

    Keep 'em comin'...

  4. Saw KLutz on Kimmel last night. He was funny and gives good interview! Does Nightmare on Elm Street being remade make anyone else feel really, really old?

    oh man I had the worst Mythology professor in college! But this post reminds me of Rob in Remember Me reading about mythology to his sister. *sigh*

    Jackson: Prometheus--giving the people fire. Then chained to a rock while a buzzard ate out his liver day after day!

    Rob: Orpheus--he played the lyre, sang, and read poetry. Take your girlfriend to the underworld and on the way out don't look back or else she has to stay and you lose her forever. Always liked that story! But don't read too much into it because supposedly I'm a Robsten fan.

    Kellan: Atlas, just stand there muscles all flexed while you hold the world up all day! We'll send TMC and Jelena over to fan you and spritz you with water.

    Peter & Jennie G can be Zeus and Helena!

    Kristen could pull off Persephone, daughter of Demeter that gets drug off to the underworld thus giving us winter. And Elizabeth Reaser could be Demeter to complete the story.

  5. @TT - LOL! - We'll send TMC and Jelena over to fan you and spritz you with water. - Yes! I'll be the spritzer please!
    I love how you included Jennie G, nice idea. Not a Twilight cast member, so it's a stretch but I'll allow it. ;-) She's so sweet, it's hard to be jealous of her and PFach.

  6. Woohoo! That would be awesome!!

    I'm so glad that these actors are being cast in amazing movies. I mean, truly, I hope they can come out from the shawdows of Twilight and actually get to act.

  7. Oh my! I have been MIA due to Easter, and today because I have a wretched cold, but I couldn't not just take a peek at my blog roll, and what do I see - the thing I already knew in bold print: Kellan Lutz is a God!

    I cannot wait for this movie. I think I'm going to sigh the entire time, and my panties will probably be ruined anyway. Good God, yes, I'm talking to you Kellan, you disarm me with your charm.

  8. There are really A LOT of mythology movies being made as of late, aren't there?

    Thanks for keeping Jennie in. I could find a way to work in Luke Perry too, if you'd consider that allowable.

  9. Oh, one more thing... To be the spritzer, I would prefer to use my tongue instead of a spray bottle. :-p *slurp*

    @TT - Luke Perry? Uh, I dunno. He's not married to anyone in Twilight. I guess if we applied the Six Degrees Rule that could be allowable.

    See, I can bend for you gals when you need me to. ;-) (Rob, I'd bend over backwards for you, love!) *gasp* Did I just type that out loud?! omg

  10. LP, not married to anyone yet! I give it 6 months before the newly single Luke is all over Ashley Greene or Nikki Reed having been introduced through Peter or Kellan.

    Notice I didn't find a place for AnnaLynn McC!

    Oh and I can bend the rules too! You can use your tongue (uhh obviously I'm not opposed to tongue) and I also told Jelena you guys can feed Kellan grapes. (but not throwing them in the air like in the eclipse vid for TL)