Thursday, April 15, 2010

Need a Wake Up Call?

I can't believe I drank this much tonight. Oh mah fucking gawwww. I'm so fucking drunk right now. And yet I still have to get up at 6am! Holy Shit. What is a Twi-Girl to do?

Well, I could try hooking up a device like this....

Or I could employ the service of something like...

Gawd, I hope these things work. Or otherwise, if any of my best bloggy bitches are up that early, PLEASE CALL AND WAKE ME UP! My review and first annual raise depend on it right now!!!!!  (Deleted.)
Omyfuckingawd, I must be drunk. I just posted my phone numbers on the Internet. I can delete it tomorrow. *snort* Nite...


  1. don't know if I qualify as a "best bloggy bitch" but I can set a reminder on my phone to call you 'cuz it sounds like it's too damn important for you to miss.

    of course I might not be the only one.

    hmmm. what happens to a phone that gets 30 calls at once? does it explode?

    hopefully you took something for your head before you passed out. sleep well. best wishes for your review.

  2. If I call that number and it's Rick Astley singing, grrr...

    good luck on your review!

    v/w gynho I'll be sure to call my dr that next time!

  3. You didn't seriously just posted your phone number?!

    Hm, I never thought I'd say this, but it seems one should never do a blog post whilst THAT drunk.

    @Mr.Pantz - damn straight you qualify as the best bloggy bitch. The line has been blurred.

  4. Alright! So now that you're awake you better tell us how it goes. I pretty well fucking invested at this point...

    vw - hogibib

  5. @ Mr.Pantz! - I mean it, you rock the Kazbah! That was awesome. Sorry I was a little giggly and had to hang up so know, it was early for me.

    The seminar went fine but traffic was a BITCH. My boss actually called in sick today, so I didn't get my review or anything yet. (Happy Anniversary to me!)

    I'll have to wait til next week.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! And yes, you do count as a best bloggy bitch, fo sho!

  6. :) Thanks! Sucks that you didn't get your review but I'm glad you made it.

    btw smartE is about beside herself with jealousy that I heard your voice before she did...

  7. Awwwww...E doesn't have to be jealous. I'll always be hers. ;-)

    Hey did you guys put in the offer...? I guess I could check your facebook page.

  8. real estate agent called last night and said that 3 other offers acme in the same ady as ours. the seller wiped them all off the table and said "go again." so apprently, if we want this house, we'er going to have to fight for it. so we will. because it's our house dammit and as long as I can do something about it, I'm going to.

    E was heartbroken... :(

  9. no way!!! the word verification that popped up after mine is:


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. awwww...that sucks werewolf nutz!

    I know how heartbreaking the process can be, especially once you get your mind set on a place.

    Hang in there! Fight, dammit!